Sunday, March 25, 2012

oops...time to take care...

As I told you some time ago we have bees.
They moved in here last spring and I think
they were about 60.000!

My grandchild Tilda, her mother, father and two
brothers lives just a stone's throw away, they have
bees, their bees swarmed and the swarm moved
in here in one hive.

Today it was time to look after them and to see
that they are ok after the winter.
Luckily I don't have to do that...Tildas father is
the beekeeper...I only act as an assistant and of
course I eat the delicious honey when it's ready.

Unfortunately there isn't many flowers in bloom yet
but they love crocus and so do I...


  1. oh my husband really wants to keep bees, quite afew people do here. Will let you know if he ever does;

  2. I hope he ill. Bees are such interesting animals and the reward, your own honey, is outstanding.