Tuesday, September 10, 2013

workshop with clay...

last weekend I took part in a ceramics workshop.
I have never actually worked with clay before,
besides from some unsuccessful egg cup 100 years
as I like to play with dolls, I decided to do some
small dolls or animals to start with...
it was such a joy...I made lots of them, lots of
strange figures...don´t really know what they want
yet, but I don´t think I can stop "claying" for a long
time. we had the best teacher, Åsa Jacobson,
you find her here...a very talented artist...
the catering included was excellent and so was
the weather and the place where the workshop
was held...


  1. Åh vad roligt det ser ut!

    Älskar lera :)

    Kram / C

    1. Catharina, det var otroligt roligt och blir säkert flera gånger...