Wednesday, January 29, 2014

to be puzzled...

I like puzzles and especially old ones…this one
I found in a flea and could´t resist. I liked the box
and the text on the backside made me curious…
It says "Motif: Flower beauty, about 150 pieces."

The pieces were very small and every one was
different and some of them looked as if they were
supposed to be an animal or something…and I was
so fooled by that…

The result had nothing to do either with birds,
mice or horses, just pure flower beauty…took
 me some days before it was done.

When I work with my paintings and my collage
I have this puzzle feeling… everything has to fit
in and it sometimes takes an eternity to get it right...
At the moment I,m puzzled about this painting…
should there be a chair or not, and if it should,
should it be blue…?

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